25 Genius Pallet Projects To Make For The Homestead

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Repurposing and recycling is a great way to help out the environment and to save money. Finding ways to use old pallets ia a great way do this at home.

There are many of fun and surprising awesome pallet projects to make for the homestead. Just make sure to collect and use pallet wood for your projects that has not been chemically treated.

1. Build an outdoor playhouse from a supply of old pallets.


photo by instructables.com

2. A sliding barn door is a unique item to make from old pallets.


photo by akadesign.ca

3. Slats from an old pallet can be used to make a DIY frame.


photo by cupcakesandcrinoline.com

4. Build a pallet shelf for books or small nick nacks.


photo by designsponge.com

5. Make letters from pallets to display as a DIY sign.


photo by theturquoisehome.com

6. Make some benches to use on your patio or around a fire pit.


photo by instructables.com

7. Build a pirate ship play area for young kids.


photo by instructables.com

8. Build a table and set of chairs for your patio or deck.


photo by treehugger.com

9. Make a homemade umbrella stand to go with your outdoor patio furniture.


photo by placeofmytaste.com

10. Build a habitat for insects that are beneficial for your garden.


photo by sustainableguernsey.info

11. Build a DIY pallet headboard for your bedroom.


photo by thinkingcloset.com

12. Make a homemade clock for a mantle or wall.


photo by instructables.com

13. A daybed is a perfect piece of furniture to make from old pallets.


photo by paintedtherapy.blogspot.com

14. Do you want to build your own desk for your office?


photo by funkyjunkinteriors.net

15. Stack some pallets outdoors to use as a potting table.


photo by glassslipperrestorations.com

16. Old pallets can be used to make a DIY coffee table.


photo by thewonderforest.com

17. A folding gardening table is a great idea as a pallet project.


photo by jennaburger.com

18. Build a homemade recycle bin that can double as a plant stand.


photo by savedbylovecreations.com

19. A storage trunk can easily be made from an old pallet.


photo by instructables.com

20. Do you need a coat rack for your closet?


photo by instructables.com

21. Build a your own food crates from a few old pallets.


photo by endofordinary.blogspot.com

22. A hanging vertical garden is not difficult to make as a DIY project.


photo by simmworksfamily.com

23. Build a homemade raised garden bed using reclaimed pallets.


photo by instructables.com

24. Build your own composting toilet for your homestead.

25. Do you know old pallets can be used as a wood floor?


photo by abuildingweshallgo.blogspot.com

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