21 DIY Little Free Library Designs

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A lot of small communities are not always fortunate enough to have a public library available. This is why there are little libraries that are starting to appear across the country. A little library is just like a regular library, as it is meant to be a basic book exchange on a small scale. A small container is set up on a curb or other area to have books available for free to the members of a community. The main purpose is to help promote literacy and share books in a fun and creative way.

You can visit the Little Free Library for more information and to the importance of taking a book and returning a book. This is how little free libraries operate.

Creating your own little free library is a great way to repurpose or upcycle materials you already have. All you need to do is research designs that you might want to use. Perhaps you want a simple building design to blend with your home or community. Perhaps your goal is a little free library that exists as an eye-catching piece of art. The options are yours.

For inspirational ideas, check out the examples below of what others are doing. You can then learn how to set up and run a little library in your own community.

1. Little Free Library


photo by instructables.com

2. DIY Little Free Library


photo by diydoneright.com

3. Mini Phone Booth Free Library

photo by thecramped.com

4. Newspaper Box Little Library


photo by csmonitor.com

5. Phone Booth Little Library


photo by PicsAnt.com

6. Robot Newspaper Box Little Library


photo by azbaseimages.net

7. Tardis Little Library


photo by readmedeadly.com

8. Portable Little Library


photo by journalstar.com

9. Stereotank Little Library


photo by designboom.com

10. House Shaped Little Library


photo by inhabitat.com

11. R2D2 Little Library


photo by tame.org

12. Little Library Nook


photo by fastcoexist.com

13. Little Library Tree


photo by amandaonwriting.tumblr.com

14. Little Library Theatre


photo by roadtrippers.com

15. Little Library Spaceship


photo by pinterest.com

16. Little Library Bench


photo by pinterest.com

17. Little Library Planter


photo by pinterest.com

18. Little Library Schoolhouse


photo by stationery.blogs.com

19. Park Bench Little Library


photo by designtaxi.com

20. Little Library Robot


photo by lindseymcdivitt.com

21. Little Library Camper


photo by pinterest

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