20 Ways To Build A Mobile Tiny Home

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A tiny home that is mobile provides you with a lot of opportunities, including inexpensive living and the freedom to change your living location.

The ways to build a mobile tiny home will likely depend on the plans you want to use. There is also the size of the home to consider. You will need to review a list of ideas and plans before starting this type of project.

1. Four Lights Tiny House Plans (98 to 288 Sq. Ft.)


photo by fourlightshouses.com

These plans can be used to build a tiny home less than 300 square feet.

2. Tumbleweed Tiny House Plans (117 to 172 Sq. Ft.)


photo by tumbleweedhouses.com

These plans can be used to build a tiny home that is less than 200 square feet.

3. Tiny House on 8×20 Trailer


photo by tinyhousetalk.com

This is a perfect home on wheels if you want to be mortgage free.

4. 12×24 Homesteader’s Cabin


photo by tinyhousedesign.com

This is a cabin that can be set on a trailer to keep on a homestead.

5. 8×12 Tiny House


photo by tinyhousedesign.com

This is a house that is less than 100 square feet.

6. 8×8 Tiny House (PDF File) – This house is about the size of a large utility trailer.

7. 5×8 Tiny House (PDF File) – These are plans for a house that is about the size of a small utility trailer.

8. 8×16 Tiny Solar House (PDF File) – This house on wheels is 128 square feet and has a loft.

9. 8×20 Solar House with Gables (PDF File) – This is a larger style tiny house that is just 160 square feet.

10. Guidelines For Tiny Houses On Wheels – There are guidelines to review before starting a tiny house build.

11. Tiny House FAQ – These are a list of frequently asked questions about tiny houses.

12. 32′ Long Tiny Home On Wheels Design


photo by tinyhousetalk.com

This tiny house is rather long at 32 feet.

13. Build A Solar House On Wheels


photo by instructables.com

These are plans to build a tiny solar house on a trailer.

14. 12 x 16 Tiny Home


photo by thesmallhousecatalog.com

This tiny home is 192 square feet.

15. 30′ ESCAPE Traveler XL Tiny Home on Wheels


photo by tinyhousetalk.com

This is a tiny home on wheels that is only 30 feet long.

16. 400 Sq. Ft. Sunnyside Park Model Tiny House on Wheels


photo by tinyhousetalk.com

This tiny house is about the size of a small mobile home at a total of 400 square feet.

17. Build Your Own Tiny Home  – Basic instructions to build your own tiny home.

18. Learn How to Build Your Own Tiny Home (e-Course) – This is an online course that will teach you how to build a tiny home.

19. Tiny Tiny House


photo by instructables.com

20. Building an Off-Grid Tiny House on Wheels


photo by tinyhouseshankerings.com

These are plans to build a tiny home that is off the grid.

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