19 Best Homemade Hot Sauce Recipes

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Are you interested in using fresh vegetables that are from your garden to make a homemade hot sauce? There are many traditional and even non-traditional homemade hot sauce recipes that you can easily make at home to serve with tortilla chips or a favorite dish.

Make a batch for yourself and several additional batches for your hot-sauce-fanatic friends and family. They’ll thank for it!


1. This Sriracha hot sauce is simply delicious.


photo by diyready.com

2. You will be in pepper heaven when you try this hot sauce.


photo by justapinch.com

3. A hot sauce made with passion fruit tastes simply amazing.


photo by curriedcantaloupe.com

4. Save a cup of whiskey to use for a tasty whiskey hot sauce.


photo by ivoryhut.com

5. A copy cat Frank’s Hot Sauce will be perfect for any party.


photo by budget101.com

6. A few tabasco peppers are all you need to make a chipotle tabasco style hot sauce.


photo by instructables.com

7. A caribbean carrot + habanero hot sauce could be really tasty.


photo by nakedcuisine.com

8. Flowers can even be used to make a flavorful homemade hot sauce.


photo by larderlove.com

9. Combining some garlic with habanero peppers makes a terrific hot sauce.


photo by diyready.com

10. Do you have any mangos to use with some habanero peppers.


photo by diyready.com

11. Lets not forget about the Jalapeno pepper as a hot sauce ingredient.


photo by fermentationpodcast.com

12. Are you interested in a homemade hot pepper hot sauce?


photo by measuringflower.com

13. One small hot pepper is all you need to make a Colombian hot sauce.


photo by mycolombianrecipes.com

14. Cayenne peppers can be used to make this Louisiana-style hot sauce.


photo by finecooking.com

15. A lacto-fermented hot sauce could be a big hit at your next party.


photo by homestead-honey.com

16. Have you ever tried a roasted green chili hot sauce?


photo by housevegan.com

17. Fresh peaches are the main ingredient in this hot sauce recipe.


photo by primallyinspired.com

18. This hot sauce will take your recipe collection to the next level.


photo by freshbitesdaily.com

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