18 Winter DIY Projects To Stomp Out The Cold

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The cold temperatures of winter often mean a lot of homes can get really cold. If you want to use thrifty was to keep yourself warm, then consider doing some DIY projects to stomp out the cold.

1. A candle heater is easy to make and use for emergency heat.


photo by tacticalintelligence.net

2. Make a homemade draft blocker or draft dodger for your door.


photo by makedosew.com

3. Felt hand warmers are easy to make to help beat the cold.


photo by hellonatural.co

4. Add bubble wrap to your windows to keep cold air out of your house.


photo by builditsolar.com

5. A DIY bed warmer is a great alternative to using a standard electric blanket.


photo by makingoursustainablelife.com

6. A hand warming muff is super easy to make to use on any cold winter day.


photo by scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

7. Make your own DIY heating pad for a chair or your bed.


photo by instructables.com

8. Making a solar heater out of tin cans is a great way to help keep your home warm.


photo by blog.hemmings.com

9. An emergency hot water bottle is super easy to make with a few towels and plastic bags.


photo by lifehacker.com

10. DIY thermal curtains are a great craft project to keep cold air out of your home.


photo by sustainablog.org

11. Make your own area rugs to cover bare areas of the floor.


photo by thediyplaybook.com

12. Build a DIY barrel furnace to help heat your home or workshop during the winter.


photo by instructables.com

13. Build a trombe wall using some wire and river rock.


photo by treehugger.com

14. Learn how to arm knit a scarf to help you keep warm.


photo by instructables.com

15. Use goose or duck feather to make a down-filled quilt or blanket.


photo by instructables.com

16. An emergency survival heater is not difficult to make to help keep warm.


photo by preparednessmama.com

17. Soapstones are perfect to use as a source of heat on a cold day.


photo by selfsustainablelife.com

18. Make a DIY humidifier to help add moisture to the air and increase warmth.


photo by apartmenttherapy.com

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