18 Root Cellar Alternatives

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A root cellar is a wonderful way to store and extend the freshness of various types of foods. If you do not have the space for a more traditional root cellar, then consider adding one of these DIY root cellar alternatives. Many of them are inexpensive and fairly easy projects to complete within a weekend.

Still prefer a more traditional root cellar? Check out these awesome DIY root cellars that you can build for your homestead.

1. Build an off-grid refrigerator.


photo by offthegridnews.com

2. Build a DIY Zeer Pot for off-grid refrigeration.


photo by instructables.com

3. Learn how to build a flower pot refrigerator.

4. Make a storage clamp for your food.


photo by rodalesorganiclife.com

5. Build a springhouse for free refrigeration.


photo by wikipedia.org

6. Repurpose an old refrigerator as a root cellar alternative.


photo by offthegridnews.com

7. Build an open-air refrigerator as a root cellar alternative.


photo by makezine.com

8. Build a Trash can root cellar alternative.


photo by earthineer.com

9. Build a root cellar alternative from a plastic barrel.

10. Convert an old freezer to a solar powered refrigerator.


photo by thehomesteadsurvival.com

11. Make a five-gallon bucket root cellar alternative.


photo by happyhomeypsi.blogspot.com

12. Build your own basement root cellar.


photo by motherearthnews.com

13. Keep vegetables cold by putting them in sand.


photo by gardeningknowhow.com

14. Store root vegetables in cardboard boxes.


photo by hubpages.com

15. Build a food storage shelf for a garage.


photo by ana-white.com

16. Make a root cellar from a refrigerator.

17.  Make a root cellar from a 5-gallon bucket.


photo by motherearthnews.com

18. Build a DIY root cellar from a 55 gallon barrel.


photo by sustainablog.org

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