18 Practical Ways To Repurpose Tree Stumps

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Cutting down a tree in your yard often means a stump is left behind. Instead of grinding it up or letting it rot, you should take a look at some fun and interesting ways to repurpose tree stumps around your home.

1. Transform a wood stump into a fun looking fairy garden.


photo by fleamarketgardening.org

2. A tree stump will make a perfect side table to use in a cabin.


photo by rufflesandtruffles.com

3. Cut sections of an old stump to use as custom display stands.


photo by allthingsheartandhome.com

4. Convert an old tree stump in your garden into a custom planter.


photo by gardeningknowhow.com

5. Add some casters to the bottom of a tree stomp and make a rolling stool or ottoman.


photo by debisdesigndiary.com

6. Make a set of foot stools and add an upholstered cushion.


photo by shelterness.com

7. A small tree stump is just the right size to make a DIY table lamp.


photo by shelterness.com

8. A rolling plant stand is a clever item to make from a tree stump.


photo by biggerthanthethreeofus.com

9. Add some paint and customize a few tree stumps to make your own tree stump tables.


photo by pinterest.com

10. Make a set of tree trunk benches to use for wedding or around a fire pit.


photo by idodiys.com

11. Make a fire pit by using a tree stump that is too large to remove from your yard.


photo by diyhomedecorguide.com

12. Cut up a tree stump to make pavers for a garden path.


photo by pinterest.com

13. Use a tree stump as a base to make a garden chair.


photo by dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com

14. Place cut and colored stumps in a playground area for kids.


photo by pinterest.com

15. Modify sections of a tree trunk to make floating shelves.


photo by etsy.com

16. Convert an ugly tree stump into a custom bird bath.


photo by bobvila.com

17. Set up tree stumps to use as set of stairs up to a deck.


photo by hautepasture.com

18. Use a saw to cut a checkerboard or chessboard into the top of a tree stump.


photo by pinterest.com

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