18 Pallet Garden Planter Ideas

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Pallets are perfect items to use for all types of DIY projects including furniture and even garden planters. There are lots of pallet garden planter ideas you can use for this type of project. You may find one that is just perfect.

1. Build a herb garden that is free-standing.


photo by icreativeideas.com

2. A raised garden bed can be made from one or more pallets.


photo by busycreatingmemories.com

3. Building a strawberry planter is a great way to use an old pallet.


photo by lovelygreens.com

4. An old pallet can be used to make a small window planter.


photo by ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

5. A traditional planter is easy to build from an old pallet.


photo by instructables.com

6. Very little work is necessary to make a pallet garden for your home.


photo by theinspiredroom.net

7. Old pallets can be used to hang some flower pots.


photo by thisabundantlife.net

8. Build a custom window box using the wood from a pallet.


photo by ehow.com

9. One wood pallet is all you need to build a custom raised garden bed.


photo by diynetwork.com

10. A reclaimed pallet can be used to make a small flower box.


photo by migonishome.com

11. Pallets can be used to build a pyramid planter box.


photo by instructables.com

12. Create a small space garden with a reclaimed pallet.


photo by lifeonthebalcony.com

13. Create a planter by forming geometric shapes.


photo by palletfurnitureplans.com

14. Build a fence that has a built-in planter box.


photo by icreativeideas.com

15. A rustic planter box is easy to make from an old pallet.


photo by thepinjunkie.com

16. A small planter box can be made from a pallet for a deck or patio.


photo by loelaloep.nl

17. A wood pallet can make the perfect base for a custom planter.


photo by pinterest.com

18. A planter that has edible plants is a perfect addition to any garden.


photo by howtowithrhondabryant.wordpress.com

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