18 Outhouse Plans And Ideas For The Homestead

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An outhouse serves an important function if your home or cabin does not have any indoor toilet. However, you are not limited to using a basic design as there are lots of outhouse plans and ideas for the homestead to consider.

1. An East Texas homemade outhouse can be built with or without a platform.


photo by jldr.com

2. A cost-effective outhouse is perfect for any homestead.


photo by nachi.org

3. An ultra-cool outhouse can have all the features of a modern bathroom.


photo by relaxshacks.blogspot.com

4. Freshly cut timbers and some scrap wood can be used to build basic outhouse.


photo by sfweekly.com

5. An outhouse with a hobbit design can be fun to have in the woods.


photo by edieseveryday.blogspot.ca

6. Scrap wood or reclaimed wood will be perfect for building an outhouse.


photo by jldr.com

7. An outhouse can be built to look just like a wood shed.


photo by pinterest.com

8. Wood boards that are from other DIY projects can easily be used to build an outhouse.


photo by backwoodenterprise.com

9. An outhouse with an Amish design is not difficult to build on a homestead.


photo by pinterest.com

10. A Victorian style outhouse can be fun to build and will also look just like a tiny house.


photo by relaxshax.wordpress.com

11. Why not build an outhouse as your personal throne room?


photo by pinterest.com

12. Exterior lights and other amenities are easy to add to a custom outhouse.


photo by tumbleweedhouses.com

13. The nicest outhouse does not need the prettiest exterior.


photo by instructables.com

14. A raised outhouse is perfect to use with a composting toilet.


photo by gvifiji.blogspot.com

15. A garden shed can easily double as the perfect outhouse.


photo by thewoodgraincottage.com

16. Am outhouse can be built to match the look of a log cabin.


photo by curbly.com

17. Build an indoor bathroom to look like a rustic outhouse.


photo by oldhouseonline.com

18. Outhouse designs can include features like a front porch.


photo by pinterest.com

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