18 DIY Solar Cooker Plans

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A solar cooker is a cheap and easy way to cook all types of meals. You can build a solar cooker from all types of items if you know the best DIY solar cooker plans to use. You can also review a list of solar cooker recipes to get you started.

1. Here are instructions for the best solar oven.


photo by instructables.com

2. Mason jars can be used as solar ovens or as solar cooking jars.


photo by shtfpreparedness.com

3. A cardboard box is all you need to make a DIY solar cooker.


photo by ethicurean.com

4. A solar oven can easily be made using a spare tire.


photo by pinterest.com

5. Learn how to make your own solar oven at home.


photo by icanteachmychild.com

6. This is a solar cooker made from a windshield shade.


photo by solarcooking.org

7. Learn how to build an all-season solar cooker.


photo by solarcooking.wikia.com

8. Here is a really simple solar box cooker design.


photo by solarcooking.wikia.com

9. Learn how to build an off-grid cooker that uses solar power.


photo by survivalsherpa.wordpress.com

10. A reflective photography umbrella will make a perfect solar cooker.


photo by pinterest.com

11. Items from a dollar store can be used to make a cheap solar cooker.


photo by americanpreppersnetwork.com

12. Solar ovens can be made out of scrap wood.


photo by williamgbecker.com

13. A shoe box is a great item to use as a solar oven.


photo by ehow.com

14. A pizza box solar oven is a really common design.


photo by butterwithasideofbread.com

15. Do you know that a solar oven can be made from a Pringles can?


photo by instructables.com

16. A cob solar oven is a great item for an off-grid homestead.


photo by solarcooking.org

17. A solar heater will easily double as a solar cooker.


photo by practicalsurvivalist.com

18. A solar oven is a great way to dry various fruits and vegetables.


photo by theprepperjournal.com

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