18 DIY Projects For Garden Decoration

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A backyard or landscape with a garden can be updated in many ways. Something you might want to do is try a few DIY projects for garden decoration as a way to update a backyard or landscape.

1. Create cupcake lights to in a garden or over a deck or patio.


photo by cfabbridesigns.com

2. Add some thrift store mirrors to a shed or along a fence.


photo by thebrambleberrycottage.blogspot.hu

3. Build a custom bench to use as a decorative item in your garden.


photo by creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com

4. Create a frame on the front of a fence and use chalkboard paint to create a decorative chalkboard.


photo by heytherehome.com

5. Build a folding table to use for your gardening or other outdoor projects.


photo by sensiblysara.com

6. Add some edging along your garden by repurposing steel pipe.


photo by welchwrite.com

7. Create custom tiki torches from wine bottles to illuminate an area of your garden.


photo by whenthepigsfly.com

8. Build a custom path using stone or other recycled materials.


photo by thisoldhouse.com

9. Create a home for a gnome from an old stump.


photo by snapguide.com

10. Make custom hanging lights by using mason jars.


photo by michelesapples.blogspot.hu

11. Make handheld painted lanterns out of old tin cans.


photo by growcreativeblog.com

12. Collect pine cones from around your yard to fill flower beds.


photo by buzzfeed.com

13. Make glowing orbs to display in various areas of your garden or in your backyard.


photo by theartofdoingstuff.com

14. Make flower pots for your garden from old metal buckets.


photo by mywonderfullymade.blogspot.hu

15. Repurpose solar lights to make a custom decoration for your garden.


photo by blog.kriegsman.org

16. Create a custom wind chime from kyes, pieces of metal, or glass.


photo by giving.innerchildfun.com

17. Make a holder for your garden hose out of an old post.


photo by shanty-2-chic.com

18. If you have some old chairs, then create custom planters for your garden.


photo by wonderwomancreations.blogspot.com

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