18 DIY Garden Path Ideas

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There are many ways you can update your garden or landscape by creating distinctive  and stylish garden paths.

You can choose from these many great DIY garden path ideas if you are ready to update your property.

1. Make a flagstone path for your garden.


photo by sunset.com

2. Create a gravel path that is lined on each side with stones.


photo by vegetablegardener.com

3. Build a garden path using stone and wood beams.


photo by styleblueprint.com

4. Create an enticing garden path for your home.


photo by sunset.com

5. A garden path is easy to make from stone or brick pavers.


photo by blog.homedepot.com

6. A simple gravel garden path is super easy to do as a DIY project.


photo by thisoldhouse.com

7. A brick path is really easy to make for a garden.


photo by familyhandyman.com

8. Making a garden path is a great way to use a bun of leftover mulch.


photo by prettyhandygirl.com

9. Cut pieces of wood are perfect to make a custom garden path.


photo by domesticatednomad.blogspot.com

10. A boardwalk built out of wood is a great way to add a decorative element to a garden.


photo by familyhandyman.com

11. A great way to use reclaimed pallets is to make a custom garden path.


photo by funkyjunkinteriors.net

12. Build a stone path for cheap to update your garden.


photo by budget101.com

13. Brick pavers are a perfect material to use to create a garden path.


photo by hgtv.com

14. Add brick borders to a garden path as a custom feature.


photo by familyhandyman.com

15. NES stepping stones might be fun for your garden.


photo by instructables.com

16. Make your own cake pan garden stones as a custom DIY project.


photo by intimateweddings.com

17. Custom steps for a garden can be built by using concrete blocks.


photo by thefigure5.wordpress.com

18. A garden path made from real bricks is easy to do at home.


photo by diynetwork.com

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