18 DIY Fishing Lures

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Fishing is a fun activity that can get expensive when you are buying different types of lures. A better option that can help you save money is to make DIY fishing lures at home. These are also perfect to have as a gift for birthdays and holidays.

1. A set of wood fishing lures is easy to make as a DIY project.


photo by instructables.com

2. A fishing lure is easy to make from a common coin like a nickel or a penny.


photo by pinterest.com

3. A classic-style lure can be made from molded plastic.


photo by instructables.com

4. Paracord is a great material to use to make a homemade fishing lure.


photo by prepforshtf.com

5. Worms and other types of lures can be made by molding melted plastic.


photo by trails.com

6. The metal from spent bullets can be used to make homemade fishing lures.


photo by pinterest.com

7. Make your own fly fishing flies.


photo by instructables.com

8. Make your own salmon trolling lure.


photo by windycityfishing.com

9. Used wine bottle corks are perfect to use for making homemade lures.


photo by fieldandstream.com

10. A kitchen spoon can be used to make a homemade spoon lure.


photo by beforeitsnews.com

11. Learn how to make your own spinning lures.


photo by luremaking.com

12. Tin cans are perfect to repurpose for making fishing lures.


photo by pinterest.com

13. The bottle caps from soda pop or beer bottles can be used to make a homemade fishing lure.


photo by wideopenspaces.com

14. Plastic worms to use for fishing are fun to make at home once you make the mold.


photo by alantani.com

15. Mold your own buzzbait.


photo by bigtacklebox.blogspot.com

16. Make a set of bottle cap fishing lures for yourself or as a fun gift.


photo by pinterest.com

17. A used paint brush can be used to make a perfect fishing lure.


photo by pinterest.com

18. Make your own bucktail jig lure.


photo by worldfishingnetwork.com

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