18 DIY Bow And Arrow Projects For Survival

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Survival is paramount when a disaster or emergency occurs. This means having an item like a bow and arrow that can be used as a weapon for protection or to have for hunting when outdoors.

There are many DIY projects for a bow and arrow you can do at home when preparing for unexpected events.

1. A PVC bow and arrow can be made from a few pieces of PVC pipe and some dowels.


photo by skiptomylou.org

2. Make your own pyramid bow using scrap lumber.


photo by makezine.com

3. A bow and arrow can be made from tree branches.


photo by 4tunate.net

4 A few pieces of scrap wood can be used to make a DIY crossbow.


photo by instructables.com

5. A bow and some arrows can be made at home for under $20 using store bought materials.


photo by instructables.com

6. Make your own survival bow as a temporary option.


photo by natureskills.com

7. A DIY bow can be made from items like an old bike wheel.


photo by instructables.com

8. Make a takedown bow from a pair of cross-country skis.


photo by instructables.com

9. Make a compact compound bow by using PVC pipe.


photo by knowledgeweighsnothing.com

10. Make a spoon arrowhead to use with a DIY bow.


photo by survivallife.com

11. A simple arrowhead can easily be made from a tin can.


photo by survivallife.com

12. Make your own arrows to use with homemade arrowheads.


photo by wired.com

13. Make a spear to use when a bow and arrow is not available.


photo by outdoorlife.com

14. Make a homemade arrow from pieces of bamboo.


photo by instructables.com

15. A survival bow and a set of arrows is not difficult to make to use for survival.


photo by instructables.com

16. Make your own recurve bow to use on your homestead.


photo by therebelpreppernetwork.com

17. A survival bow is really easy to make when you need one.


photo by wildernesscollege.com

18. Make a DIY leather bracer to use with your homemade bow.


photo by ehow.com

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