18 Creative Ways To Store Shovels, Rakes, And Vertical Gear

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Long handled tools like rakes and shovels can be awkward and difficult to store in a shed or garage. This means you might want to have come up with some creative ways to store shovels, rakes, and vertical gear.

1. Convert one part of a garage wall into a simple shovel rack.


photo by familyhandyman.com

2. Use some PVC pipe to create custom vertical gear storage.


photo by hometalk.com

3. Add custom wall storage solutions for shovels and other long handled gear.


photo by familyhandyman.com

4. Use some scrap wood to make a custom garden tool rack for your garage.


photo by instructables.com

5. Hang a rakes and shovels on a wall by using metal brackets.


photo by 1001gardens.org

6. Here is another way to use PVC pipe for vertical gear storage.


photo by newlywoodwards.com

7. A great way to create custom storage is to upcycle pallets.


photo by 99pallets.com

8. Wood dowels are perfect to use for hanging vertical gear on a wall


photo by mydesignchic.com

9. Make a custom garden tool rack for your garage or shed.


photo by livingwikii.com

10. Here is another way to use scrap wood to make a tool rack for vertical gear storage.


photo by familyhandyman.com

11. Use shelves in your shed or garage for vertical gear storage.


photo by pinterest.com

12. A few 2×4 boards are all you need to create your own DIY tool storage.


photo by pinterest.com

13. Did you forget that a peg board is a classic option for vertical storage?


photo by pinterest.com

14. Here is another way to use recycled materials to make a DIY tool rack.


photo by slowlovelife.com

15. Repurpose an old filing cabinet into a DIY tool storage bin.


photo by pinterest.com

16. This is another way to use PVC pipe for vertical gear storage.


photo by forums.finewoodworking.com

17. Use pieces of an old hose to create custom vertical gear storage in your garage


photo by pinterest.com

18. Add come ceiling garage storage for your vertical gear.


photo by familyhandyman.com

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