18 Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Worn Out Clothes

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Old clothes that may look worn out and are not worth wearing anymore can still be useful. There are many brilliant ways to repurpose worn out clothes for people who like to upcycle and prefer to transform something old into something new.

1. Transform an old shirt into a produce bag.


photo by deliacreates.com

2. One leg from an old pair of pants is perfect to use for a wine bag.


photo by mysoulfulhome.com

3. Transform an old flannel shirt into a stylish dog coat.


photo by sewdoggystyle.com

4. Repurpose your old worn jeans as material for a custom area rug.


photo by sunshinescreations.vintagethreads.com

5. An old men’s shirt can be used to make a pair of jersey shorts for kids.


photo by kojo-designs.com

6. Transform a men’s polo shirt into a women’s shirt.


photo by merricksart.com

7. Make a pair of mittens from an old sweater.


photo by abeautifulmess.com

8. A set of baby bibs is perfect items to make from old dress shirts.


photo by alittletipsy.com

9. Make a pair of slippers from broken flip flops and some yarn.


photo by refabdiaries.com

10. An old dress shirt can be used to make a garden apron.


photo by zelnicky.blogspot.com

11. Reuse an old pair of flannel pajamas to make a scarf.


photo by brittanymakes.com

12. Re-fashion a men’s dress shirt into a peplum dress.


photo by trashtocouture.com

13. Old neckties are perfect to use to make coin pouches.


photo by polkadotchair.com

14. An old sweater is easy to repurpose as a stylish skirt.


photo by designsbysessa.com

15. Make a winter hat for kids by using an old sweater.


photo by heidistock.blogspot.com

16. A pair of blue jeans can be used to make a DIY draft stopper.


photo by greenphonebooth.com

17. Cut up flannel shirts to make DIY hand warmers.


photo by beeinmybonnetco.blogspot.com

18. Transform an old tank top into a DIY tote bag.


photo by craftynest.com

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