18 Best Solar Cooker Meal Recipes

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Cooking off the grid can be done in many ways. A great option if you live in areas that get a lot of sunshine is to use a solar cooker. There are a lot of solar cooker meal recipes that are perfect to make at home or when camping. Below are some favorites.

Do you need a solar cooker? A basic solar cooker can be made inexpensively. Check out these 18 DIY plans to build one for your home cooking or camping needs.

1. A tasty pizza is easy to make in a solar cooker.


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2. Cinnamon rolls are a tasty treat you can make in a solar cooker.


photo by foodstoragemadeeasy.net

3. Lots of breads can easily be baked in a solar oven.


photo by solarcooking.wikia.com

4. Here is a recipe for solar baked brownies.


photo by foodstoragemoms.com

5. Learn how to can fruit in a solar oven.


photo by homesteadlifestyle.com

6. A solar oven can be used to make dishes like Italian Potato Casserole.


photo by selfreliantschool.com

7. A budget chicken dinner is really tasty when cooked in a solar oven.


photo by homesteadlady.com

8. Here is a list of recipes for solar oven beginners.


photo by learn.eartheasy.com

9. A tasty batch of chocolate chip cookies an easily be made in a solar cooker.


photo by powerfromthesun.us

10. Learn how to cook dry beans in a solar cooker.


photo by modernsurvivalblog.com

11. A solar cooker is perfect to make some tasty s’mores.


photo by alittlecampy.com

12. Desserts like a peach cobbler can be made in a homemade solar oven.


photo by pinterest.com

13. A Mexican casserole baked in a solar oven is really delicious.


photo by selfreliantschool.com

14. You can even make a cheesy potato casserole in a solar oven.


photo by sunshineonmyshoulder.com

15. A chicken and garlic meal is a tasty choice to prepare in a solar oven.


photo by slowcookinggal.com

16. A hearty meal you can cook in a solar oven is lasagna.


photo by homesteadlady.com

17. Solar cooker baked potatoes are a perfect complement to any meal.


photo by taylormaderanch.com

18. Baked beans are a perfect side dish you can prepare in a solar cooker.


photo by 100daysofrealfood.com

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