18 Best Homemade Flavored Butter Recipes For Cooking & Gift Giving

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Flavored butter is wonderful way to spice up regular butter for an unexpected savory twist. It pairs perfectly with all sorts of fresh homemade bread and can be used for simple meals at home, or even for more festive dinner parties.

And the great thing about homemade flavored butter is that it’s so easy to make. Plus if you dress it up in a decorative jar and label, tada! You have an inexpensive, yet delicious and beautiful gift to share!

The most important thing about homemade flavored butter is making your butter base instead of using a store bought brand. This is easy to do using a homemade butter recipe. All you need is two ingredients.

If have homemade flavored butter on the brain, chances are you’re craving some delicious bread too. Check out these 23 Best Homemade Bread Recipes. The Peasant Bread recipe is super quick and easy and definitely a homestead favorite.

1. Cilantro Lime Butter (perfect with corn on the cob)


photo by goodlifeeats.com

2. Red Wine Butter (goes well with steak)


photo by almondcorner.blogspot.com

3. Coffee Butter and Salted Caramel Butter (perfect for cookies)


photo by willowbirdbaking.com

4. Pumpkin and Spice Compound Butter


photo by insockmonkeyslippers.com

5. Lemon Herb Butter


photo by whitegunpowder.com

6. Bacon Chive Butter (goes well with a baked potato)


photo by americancupcakeabroad.com

7. Roasted Red Pepper Butter (try some with crackers)


photo by deeprootsathome.com

8. Homemade Peach Honey Butter


photo by yourhomebasedmom.com

9. Cinnamon Sugar Vanilla


photo by savoringthethyme.com

10. Mustard Butter (try some with a hot pretzel)


photo by tablefortwoblog.com

11. Strawberry Butter


photo by thetaylor-house.com

12. Homemade Blackberry Butter


photo by thelazydaisykitchen.com

13. Roasted Garlic Butter


photo by whipperberry.com

14. Pineapple Butter


photo by sweetlavenderbakeshoppe.com

15. Pure Maple Butter (try some with pancakes)


photo by ohsheglows.com

16. Gingersnap Cookie Butter


photo by brit.co

17. Hot Chocolate Butter


photo by brit.co

18. Cinnamon Raisin Butter (perfect with bagels)


photo by tastykitchen.com

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