17 DIY Hot Tubs And Swimming Pools

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Adding something like a swimming pool or a hot tub for the home does not need to be expensive. There are many types of DIY hot tubs and swimming pools you can make or construct yourself so after a hard day of work you can easily relax and unwind.

DIY Swimming Pool Ideas

1. A shipping container is a unique item to use as a DIY pool.


photo by neshama-ancientpath.blogspot.com

2. A simple pallet swimming pool is something you can make at home.


photo by sliptalk.com

3. A fun idea for a swimming pool is to make one out of hay bales.


photo by fabartdiy.com

4. Build a swimming pool out of stacked cinder blocks.


photo by ebay.com

5. A natural swimming pool may be something to consider.


photo by mynaturalpool.com.au

6. Build your own concrete swimming pool.


photo by instructables.com

7. A sunken swimming pool may be the perfect addition for your home.


photo by uniteforclimate.org

8. Convert a dumpster into a swimming pool.


photo by nola.com

DIY Hot Tub Ideas

9. Here is a DIY hot tub that is perfect for parties or tailgating.


photo by instructables.com

10. Build your own backyard hot tub.


photo by moneyallowed.com

11. How about a hot tub that can be used off the grid.


photo by makezine.com

12. Build your own cob hot tub for relaxation.


photo by ilovecob.com

13. A rubbermaid container can be used to make a single person hot tub.


photo by pinterest.com

14. Build your own solar hot tub on a deck or patio.


photo by greenhomebuilding.com

15. An old fuel tank can be repurposed as a DIY hot tub.


photo by molnarcraft.com

16. You cam even make a hot tub that is solar heated.


photo by builditsolar.com

17. And, of course, you can relax in your very own plunge pool or jacuzzi.


photo by instructables.com

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