15 Ways To Store Food For The Long-Term

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Keeping food on hand to have during an emergency or to have for future use is a great idea. There are many surprising ways to store food for the long-term based on the work and the equipment that is required.

1. Buy canned foods that you can store in an upstairs or downstairs pantry.


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2. Five gallon buckets can be used for long-term storage.


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3. Vacuum seal food to keep for long-term use.


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4. Learn how to freeze dry food for long term storage.

5. Make your own long-term food storage meals.


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6. Many types of fruits can be dehydrated for long-term storage.


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7. Meats like chicken and beef can be dehydrated for long-term storage.


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8. The water bath canning method is perfect for long-term food storage.


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9. Pressure canning is another canning method for long-term food storage.


photo by foodpreservation.about.com

10. Using oxygen absorbers and mylar bags for long-term food storage.


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11. Information about food storage packing.


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12 Use 2-liter bottles for storing dry food long-term.


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13. Learn the best practices for long-term food storage for dry foods.


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14. Learn the best ways to store water long-term.


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15. Not all fresh fruits and vegetables store the best for the long-term. Learn which ones work best in root cellars.


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