15 Backyard Cob Projects And Ideas

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Cob is made by using natural materials and can be used to build houses and other types of structures. This is a perfect way for anyone to build all sorts of structures without the use of wood or other traditional building materials. Simply review a list of unique backyard cob projects and ideas you may want to do at home.

1. Cob Playhouse


photo by instructables.com

A playhouse is a perfect structure to make for a homestead.

2. Outdoor Cob Oven


photo by homegrownandhealthy.com

This is one way to make a cob oven to use on your homestead.

3. Energy Efficient Cob Studio

This is a complete studio that you can build in a large backyard.

4. Cob Wall


photo by cobbuildingwithmaya.com

A cob wall is a perfect option for privacy and as a decorative feature.

5. Garden Retreat From Cob


photo by permaculture.co.uk

This is a structure that can be used as a retreat and as a guest house.

6. Cob Garden Wall


photo by dirtyfingernails-blog.com

A cob garden wall is really easy to build on a homestead.

7. Build A Cob Bench


photo by windward.org

A cob bench is a great item to have for a fire pit or in a garden.

8. Cob House


photo by intelligentliving.co

A domed structure can be used as a home.

9. Cob Chicken Coop


photo by cobbuildingwithmaya.com

Natural materials are perfect to use to make a homemade chicken coop.

10. Cob Smoker


photo by permies.com

A smoker is similar to an oven that is made from cob.

11. Cob Hot Tub


photo by naturalhomes.org

A hot tub or bath is another useful item you can make from cob.

12. Cob Sauna


photo by earthbagbuilding.com

A sauna is perfect item to build from cob as it will retain a lot of heat.

13. Cob Shower


photo by truenaturehealingarts.com

Structures like a shower made from cob need to have a sealer applied.

14. To Build A Greenhouse

The frame of a greenhouse is like a home that can easily be made from cob.

15. How To Build A Cob Fence

photo by ehow.com

This is a simple fence made from cob that is similar to a cob wall.

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