12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves

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Photo by: willowhavenoutdoor.com

Have you ever watched movies about castaways and wondered how they use only items that they have available for survival? There is one item in nature that has a local of survival uses. You will see that a lot of survival hacks and methods using just leaves are simply awesome.

The leaves that you rake up every fall can have more uses than raking just into a pile. One of the best types of survival hacks using just leaves is to collect some for insulation or to make compost. Leaves will be a great item to use for the roof of a shelter, if they are big enough.

One important thing about survival hacks using just leaves is their condition. Dry leaves might not be an ideal choice over fresh picked leaves based on what you need to do. You simply need to see if there are uses that are beneficial for your needs.

A list of survival hacks using just leaves is on willowhavenoutdoor.com here…

12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves

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