10 Ways To Produce Free Heat

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The cold of winter or a chill is when a source of heat is important. If you live off the grid or want to save some money, then you will have a few ways to produce free heat at home.

1. Make a simple flowerpot heater.


photo by instructables.com

2. A DIY soda can heater is perfect to use for heat.


photo by instructables.com

3. A coffee can is also a good item to use for a homemade heater.


photo by foodstoragemadeeasy.net

4. Make a simple vegetable oil lamp to produce some heat.


photo by besurvival.com

5. Set up a copper fire log that burns alcohol.


photo by instructables.com

6. Make a DIY solar air box heater for your home.


photo by instructables.com

7. Build your own wood stove for needed heat and for cooking.


photo by instructables.com

8. A DIY tent heater is super easy to make.


photo by instructables.com

9. Build an outdoor wood burning heater from an old water tank.


photo by instructables.com

10. A DIY barrel stove is a great way to produce suitable heat.


photo by instructables.com

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