How To Make Teriyaki Turkey Jerky


Do you enjoy eating turkey products as an alternative to typical meat products like hamburger? Turkey is easy to prepare and season with spices that make it really tasty. One treat that you can easily make at home is a teriyaki turkey jerky. You do not even need a dehydrator for this task. A … [Read more...]

11 Useful Herbs You Can Grow In Containers


One of the best ways to grow plants like herbs at home, if you do not have a garden, is to plant a variety of herbs in containers. There are various types of herbs you can grow in containers that you can use for a homemade remedy or when preparing a meal. The types of herbs you can grow in … [Read more...]

Guide: Freezer-To-Grill Shish Kabobs


Do you prepare a lot of homemade meals and cook them in a crockpot? Cooking homemade meals in a crockpot is really simple, but other methods are available when you want a change. One solution for you to consider for a quick and tasty meal is making freezer-to-grill shish kabobs. The best thing … [Read more...]

How To Grow Hazelnuts Or Filberts


Do you enjoy snacking on filberts or hazelnuts and want to grow your own at home? You can do this if you know all the steps that are used for how to grow hazelnuts. The first step is to research the places where plants can be purchased. Starting with an established plant will be better than … [Read more...]

How To Freshen Your Whole House Naturally


Do you live in an old home that gets a musty smell that seems hard to mask? A lot of homes may have an odd smell or odor and is the reason the use of store bought air fresheners is common. If you do not want to use store bought products, then you can easily freshen your whole house naturally. The … [Read more...]

How To Wash Down Pillows Naturally


Washing your clothes naturally does not mean washing them by hand. Naturally washing clothes is done by using non-toxic all-natural cleaners or soaps. You can even learn how to wash down pillows in cleaners that are all-natural and contain no toxic chemicals. Learning how to wash down pillows at … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Grow Big Broccoli Heads


There are many types of vegetables that you can plant in a backyard garden. One type of vegetable you may want to plant to have as an ingredient when cooking is fresh broccoli. There are a few tips to learn if you want to grow big broccoli heads in your garden. The process to grow big broccoli … [Read more...]

2 Ways To Make Potassium Fertilizer From Banana Peels


Have you ever used ripe and black bananas to make a tasty banana bread? Bananas that are black and overripe can also be used to make a potassium-rich fertilizer. You can easily make potassium fertilizer from banana peels. The best part is you will have the option to eat the banana first. You can … [Read more...]

Make An Egg Gathering Apron From A Pillowcase


Do you like to shop for fabrics at thrift stores to use for craft projects? Many thrift stores will have a variety of items like pillow cases that can be perfect for a lot of projects. A fun project that you can do at home is to make an egg gathering apron from a pillowcase. Most people who raise … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own Smoke Pit


Do you like to grill or want your own smoker, but lack the space that is needed? If you do not have any area on a patio or deck for a smoker, then a backyard smoke pit is a great idea. You can easily make your own smoke pit with a little effort and the proper tools. A shovel will be one of the … [Read more...]