30 Ways To Repurpose Burlap Sacks For The Homestead


Burlap sacks are common for transporting coffee and other goods and can have a lot of other uses. You will be amazed at the ways to repurpose burlap sacks for the homestead that will make a terrific addition to your home. 1. Make a custom lampshade. 2. Use a burlap sack to make a fabric … [Read more...]

How To Repurpose Old Tires Into Chicken Baths


Raising chickens on your homestead can be a lot of fun. However, there are a lot of things that you can do to make your birds more comfortable. One option is to provide them with a chicken bath. One thing that you may find interesting is you can repurpose old tires into chicken baths. The option … [Read more...]

The Holistic Trinity Of Chicken Keeping


Do you have chickens that are wandering around your property? Chickens will be great to have around when food like meat and eggs are needed. One of the most important things you need to do for chickens is to keep them healthy. This is easy to do for chicken keeping by using the holistic … [Read more...]

15 Great Ways To Use Pine Needles


Do you have access to lots of pine trees? Perhaps you need a way to recycle your holiday tree each year? One thing about pine trees that is important to know is they will start to drop needles when they get dry. However, there are many ways to use pine needles that you have saved or … [Read more...]

This Artisan Bread Is The Easiest Bread To Make


Are you interested in making your own bread, but want to use a simple method? One option that might just be perfect is to make an artisan bread. There is a recipe that you can use for an artisan bread that is the easiest bread to make at home. The best thing about making an artisan bread is there … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Produce Free Heat


The cold of winter or a chill is when a source of heat is important. If you live off the grid or want to save some money, then you will have a few ways to produce free heat at home. 1. Make a simple flowerpot heater. 2. A DIY soda can heater is perfect to use for heat. 3. A coffee … [Read more...]

Learn How To Test If Seeds Are Still Good


Do you have seeds that you save to plant at a later date? Seeds that are planted may or may not grow if you do not know how to test if seeds are still good. This is not hard to do and can be done by using one or more methods. The float method is one option to use for how to test if seeds are … [Read more...]

One Pot Italian Wonderpot Recipe


Are you interested in making a one pot pasta dish that will be super easy to do? Instead water to cook a pot of pasta, other liquids like both will be used. The result is a dish called an Italian wonderpot that you can easily make at home. The key to making an Italian wonderpot is using a variety … [Read more...]

18 Ways To Repurpose Garden Hoses


Garden hoses that have seen better days are perfect items to repurpose. Here are a lot of ways for you to repurpose garden hoses around your home when you want to start upcycling. 1. Make your own garden hose basket. 2. Make a garden hose wreath for the holidays. 3. An old hose can … [Read more...]

Toxic Treats – What Not To Feed Your Chickens


Are you concerned about the types of treats that you can give your chickens? Chickens can eat various types of food, but you need to be careful what you give them. Some foods that you can make as a treat can actually be toxic. This means you will need to know what not to feed your chickens. One … [Read more...]