How To Make Homemade Water Sprinklers


Making your own sprinklers is surprisingly easy! No need to run to the humongous home improvement store when you likely have everything you need right at home. You can control the size and the flow of each sprinkler and you'll love how super easy these are to make. Watch this informative video at … [Read more...]

How To Make Delicious Milk Kefir


Kefir is made from cow, goat, sheep or coconut milk. It is similar to a drinking-style yogurt, but it contains beneficial yeast as well as friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria found in yogurt. The naturally occurring bacteria and yeast combine to provide health benefits when consumed regularly. It is … [Read more...]

How To Make An Emergency Sanitation Porta Potty Toilet


This is a very clever, and easy to make porta potty design. Good for camping or in a pinch out on the job site; it may also be a good idea to have one as part of your emergency supplies. You can make this emergency toilet cheaply with just a few materials. Check out the instructions at … [Read more...]

100+ Recipe Substitutions – Replacements


We're all trying to eat a little healthier these days. But sometimes that's hard to do when a recipe calls for tons of sugar or white flour or some other ingredient you're trying to avoid. Through trial and error, this comprehensive list shows how to substitute common ingredients for healthier … [Read more...]

Buying Seeds Online – The Best Sites To Shop


These days, it just makes sense to buy a lot of what we need online. And, seeds are no exception. You can browse and browse till your heart's content and then research each and every variety before pulling the trigger. These websites will help you narrow down the daunting task and get to planting … [Read more...]

30 Homemade Household Products Hacks – Never Buy These Products Again!


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How To Build An Outdoor Shower Stall


Tired of sand and dirt in your bathroom tub? Maybe you have a spouse who works a dirty job and taking an outdoor shower would be a great idea! Whatever your reasons, you'll love this design for an outdoor shower stall. Details and instructions can be found at here… How To … [Read more...]

What Do Goats Really Eat?


It's quite possible we have Hollywood or Madison Avenue to blame for thinking goats will eat anything they find. But if you have goats, you need to know what they like to eat. And the truth is, when they're fed properly they'll skip snacks like your trampoline or your wood furniture. Learn more … [Read more...]

Homemade Rigatoni Pasta Pie


This might be the best rigatoni pasta pie ever! This impressive and savory pasta dish is perfect for entertaining dinner guests, and quick and easy to dish out for an ordinary family dinner. Packed with pasta, cheese, meat (substitute tofu, if you like) and sauce, expect everyone to ask for … [Read more...]