How To Make Pallet Strawberry Planters


There are many creative ways to use wood that has been reclaimed or destined for the trash. You might not know that a typical pallet can be used to make many DIY projects at home. This includes building your own pallet strawberry planters. Making individual planters make a great option if you live … [Read more...]

How To Make Homemade Marshmallows


Many types of food that are homemade are often easier to make and taste better than most store bought items. One item in particular that has many uses is marshmallows. This is something that is tasty and is a popular treat for both children and adults. You can easily make homemade marshmallows that … [Read more...]

How To Make Onion Pudding


People with a backyard garden have the option to grow various plants and vegetables. One option used for flavoring foods and is a frequent ingredient in meals is the onion. You have the choice of growing a variety of onions that include white, red, and yellow. White onions are the usually the most … [Read more...]

10 Amazing Living Structures That You Can Create


Many types of structures can be built using elements that are found in a backyard. Structures provide a means to create a piece of art or something that is functional. This will depend on the material that you have available. Living structures are a great way to combine creativity and nature. You … [Read more...]

DIY Homemade Armor All Wipes


Many types of homemade cleaning solutions often can be made for various applications. However, there are different options that are available based on the application or item to clean. One such option which is ideal to clean vinyl and tires is to make your own homemade Armor All wipes. You can use … [Read more...]

How To Split Logs Lengthwise


Making your own lumber is an option to consider based on the timeframe you need to construct a basic cabin or other structure. There are many reasons to make your own lumber. One reason is the total cost will be measured in time and not dollars. However, you will need to have a source of suitable … [Read more...]

Quick And Easy Pet Odor Removal Spray


Anyone with a pet is familiar with odors that can develop on furniture, carpeting, and other places pets may go. One of the most common pet odors is the result of urine. This can occur from a dog or cat that does not get outside or fails to use the litter box. However, there is a solution that can … [Read more...]

How To Grow Baby Ginger


You can grow many types of vegetable crops at home in a backyard garden. This will include a variety of herbs and plants that can be used when preparing meals. One thing to keep in mind is to perform all the preparation that is necessary. If you are interested in a backyard garden then consider all … [Read more...]

Can You Own A Dairy Cow (Or Goat) And Still Have A Life?


Owning your own homestead means you will have many opportunities to consider based on your particular needs and preferences. Many people who own their own property out in the country often want to have a few different animals. This includes chickens, goats, and even cows. However, many people who … [Read more...]