21 Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Wine Barrels On The Homestead


Wine barrels are a terrific item to use for DIY projects for the home. You will be surprised at the many ways to repurpose wine barrels on the homestead. Here are several functional and decorative ideas to consider. 1. Build an outdoor drink station for a party. 2. Build a wine barrel … [Read more...]

Fast And Easy Way To Deseed A Pomegranate


Do you make your own pomegranate juice from freshly picked or purchased fruit? One thing that needs to be done before you do anything is to remove the seeds. The water method is one option, but this is a messy process. However, there is an easy way to deseed a pomegranate. The easy way to deseed … [Read more...]

16 Best Fruit, Herb, And Vegetable Wine Recipes


Do you grow a large variety of food in your garden and think some may make a great wine? You are in luck as you can make many great tasting wines from various fruits, and surprisingly even from some vegetables and herbs. So, wine lovers, take a look at some of the most unusual, yet delightful wine … [Read more...]

How To Remove Bees From A Wall


Do you have an area or your home or an outbuilding where a lot of bees seem to be flying around? Bee hives are usually found inside walls and in other concealed areas of a home or other building. This is the reason you may want to know how to remove bees from a wall. You do not want to kill the … [Read more...]

25 Easy Projects To Get You Off The Grid


Going off the grid is a great way to escape the mundane aspects of society, decrease living expenses, and begin living a more self-sufficient life. The process of going off the grid, however, is not something that most people can do all at once. Here are several off the grid projects that you can … [Read more...]

Perennial Peanut Grass – A Drought Tolerant Alternative To Grass Lawn


Does your property have soil that is not the best for regular grass? Light soil or areas that have a lot of sunshine may not maintain regular grass that well. This means a drought tolerant alternative to grass lawn is necessary when you want your lawn to be lush and green. Perennial peanut grass … [Read more...]

22 Clever Uses For Baby Food Jars


Baby food jars are similar to mason jars as they are made of glass. You may be amazed at the clever uses for baby food jars if you enjoy craft or DIY projects. 1. Make some tasty S’Mores In A Jar. 2. Make a DIY storage plaque. 3. Make your own custom spice containers. 4. Make … [Read more...]

30 Ways To Earn Extra Money From Your Homestead


Are you just starting to look into the options to earn some cash that are available by homesteading? whether you live in a rural area or in an urban area, you may be amazed to see there are lots of ways to earn extra money from your homestead. 1. Start raising chickens to sell fresh … [Read more...]

21 Tips For Quitting Your Job, Going Off Grid, And Living The Dream


Are you interested in not wasting money paying for rent and owning property that you can use to help make yourself more self-sufficient? The stress of everyday life typically includes driving to work and many other life stresses. One thing you may want to consider is going off grid. Going off … [Read more...]

20 Best Tear Drop Trailer Tutorials And Ideas


Many types of trailers and campers can be towed behind any vehicle. One of the most popular is a tear drop trailer style. These can be used by a single person or up to two people. Making your own is a great DIY project as there are lots of tear drop tutorials and designs available. 1. Build a … [Read more...]