How To Prevent Tomato Blight And Powdery Mildew With Baking Soda


Preventing disease will be a difficult task for anyone who is an organic gardener. One thing that will be common for people who grow tomatoes is powdery mildew and blight. There are various ways you can tackle this problem. A great way is to prevent tomato blight and powdery mildew with baking … [Read more...]

Potty Training Ducks? Here’s How One Guy Potty Trained His 5 Ducks


Potty training animals on your homestead may sound crazy, but there is a good reason to do this. If you have any property with a pond and a few ducks, then a mess is often assured. If you know how to potty train ducks, then this will not be an issue. If you tell people to potty train ducks, then … [Read more...]

How To Get Many Tomato Plants In A Week From One Plant


A super fast and easy way to grow new tomato plants is to use cuttings instead of trying to start a new tomato plant from seeds. Seed starting is a great activity to do indoors, but patience is needed before you will be rewarded with seedlings. You only need to wait a week or two if you use … [Read more...]

15 Fruits And Vegetables You Can Grow In Buckets


Growing a variety of fruits and vegetables at home can be done by using a lot of methods. If you have lots of buckets, then you have all you need to start container gardening. Many fruits and vegetables you can grow in buckets will provide you a great source of food. A five-gallon bucket is the … [Read more...]

The Secrets To Successful Container Gardening


Gardening at home without space for a standard garden is easy to do by simply using containers. Plants can grow in nearly any type of container that can hold dirt and water. This is called container gardening and can be done successfully if you know a few secrets. A healthy environment is the key … [Read more...]

Clever Uses For Vodka That Will Surprise You


Vodka is a product that can be used for many things other than making drinks. The best thing is a cheap bottle is all you need to see what you can do with this type of alcohol in your home. You may find a lot of uses for vodka are absolutely brilliant. One reason for the many uses for vodka is … [Read more...]

How To Control Cabbage Worms With Baking Soda


Growing cabbage plants on your property will provide you with a great source of food. However, there is one important detail to know about this plant. If you are not careful with your crop, then you may be at the mercy of cabbage worms. The good new is you can control cabbage worms with baking … [Read more...]

These Plastic Drawer Emergency Kits Could Save Your Life


Preparing for an emergency can be done in many unique and interesting ways. One thing that you need to consider is having supplies on hand that are easy to access. No one can predict when a disaster or an emergency will occur, but an awesome way to prepare is to use plastic drawer emergency … [Read more...]

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Organizational Hacks


O Organization at home can be done in many ways. Many people will spend good money on organizers for pencils, pens, and other small items. This spending will not be necessary as you may have a few items around your home you can use to make a few fun and crafty DIY organizers. A toilet paper roll … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Use Garlic In The Garden


If you're serious about your garden, then you'll want to learn how to use garlic in the garden. The compounds in garlic will help with many common problems. It's strong scent is one of the main reasons why it is effective as a lawn and garden helper. Use garlic to ward off mosquitos, as a companion … [Read more...]