Painted Rock Pumpkins – Fall Kids Pumpkin Craft Ideas


Here is a super inexpensive and fun idea for fall decorations. Let's face it, your supplies are cheap because the main one is rocks! There's no end to the playful shapes and sizes of 'pumpkins' you can make. Just add paint and brushes and you will have a table full of creative rock pumpkins in no … [Read more...]

Smooth Finish DIY Organic Foundation Makeup With Sunscreen


Skin contact allergies are no fun. A lot of women can have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in commercially available skin care products. The need for organic foundation makeup has grown, as more and more households rid themselves of toxins. Try this recipe for making your own … [Read more...]

Easy Homemade Ketchup


Dipping French fries into yummy, fresh ketchup should be a national pastime. You don't want to waste the perfect fry on some store-bought, sugar loaded stuff…make your own ketchup and treat those fries right! See the easy way to make ketchup at here… Easy Homemade Ketchup … [Read more...]

800 Organized Canning Recipes

800-Organized Canning-Recipes

You might say this is the Mother Lode of all canning recipe lists! 800 amazing recipes, all tried and trued and all beautifully organized for easy reference. Jams, jellies, fruits and vegetables are all categorized so you can find them easily and get started canning for winter storage. Check out … [Read more...]

How To Make A Tincture


Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs and taken orally (by mouth) with a small dropper. They are concentrated forms of powerful herbs and can be used for a variety of ailments or enhancers to things like your mood. There is no cooking or brewing and they are easy to carry with you. See … [Read more...]

How To Make An Indoor Clothes Drying Rack


Sometimes you just need to hang certain clothes to dry but the weather isn't cooperating. Never fear, DIY is here and you can build a simple indoor clothes rack cheaply and easily. It's so easy to build, hangs with ease and costs less than $20. See photos and more details at … [Read more...]

51 Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know


Who couldn't use a few fashion tips to help get through the week, right? Ladies, these tips will help you look fabulous and save a little time to boot! Here's a sneak peak: Use a hair straightener to iron your collar. Read on to find even more genius tips. See all the tips at … [Read more...]

How To Can Pears Without Sugar


So many people love canning but not necessarily the amount of sugar typically used in the process. Here is a great recipe where you can preserve the great flavors of fresh pears, but without dumping in loads of unwanted sugar. And, it can be done naturally…no artificial sweeteners here! See the … [Read more...]

How To Scale And Gut A Fish


Prepping the whole fish can be a tricky process if you're not used to the steps involved. By learning how to scale and gut a fish you'll learn many new things, such as: how the fish has been processed, how to get a freshly caught fish to the breakfast table in minutes, and how the process itself … [Read more...]