6 Convincing Reasons To Use Eggshells In Your Garden


One of the best options as a source or protein, other than meat, is eggs. Eggs are also an ingredient used in most recipes for baking cakes and other sweets. Most people throw eggshells from shucked boiled eggs into the trash. However, you might be surprised to learn that the leftover bits and … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Use Chickens In Your Garden


People who are homesteading often have animals that are used as a source of food. If you want to have a steady source of eggs and meat, then you need chickens. Chickens can also be used on your property in ways that will benefit your garden and your entire property. You will have many options to … [Read more...]

10 Genius Microwave Hacks


For many families, the microwave is an indispensable tool that is used to cook meals, reheat leftover food, and for heating milk. However, there are many uses for the microwave in your kitchen you may not know are available to try. Almost any type of microwave can be used to perform various … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own Beef Jerky


Many people are familiar with the beef jerky that is available at your local quick mart as a snack item. However, if you want to make your own jerky at home, a simple method can be used to make jerky like a pro. All you will need to do is have the few supplies that are needed. Almost any type of … [Read more...]

10 Common Wild Edibles Found Almost Everywhere


People who are interested in wilderness survival have a lot they need to know. This will include everything from building a suitable shelter to foraging for food to eat. Knowing certain types of plants that can be used as a source of food will be crucial. There are many types of wild edibles you may … [Read more...]

30 Foods To Regrow From Scraps


Growing your own food is a great way to save money when it comes times to grocery shop. This means you will only need to have a garden or containers available to grow various plants. This is also a task that will work well by using old mason jars. However, you need to have a supply of seedlings or … [Read more...]

23 Things You Must Know to Can Meat Safely


One of the most common methods that is used to preserve foods is canning. This is also the method used for preserving jams and various other types of foods. One crucial aspect of canning is preventing poisoning due to tainted foods. Meat is a food some people might be apprehensive about canning. If … [Read more...]

Homemade Cast Iron Pan Protectors


Cooking with cast iron is something that is done by many people who do not like to use the cheap pans that are found at a lot of retail stores. If you have acquired new cast iron pans or have purchased a set of pans at a garage sale or thrift store, then a method is needed to keep them protected. … [Read more...]

40 Fun & Creative Easter Crafts For Kids And Toddlers


Many items found around the home can be used to make craft projects with children. One activity for a group of kids and any toddlers around this time of year is making Easter crafts. Easter is a great time to welcome spring and to have time to spend with friends and family members. If you are … [Read more...]

8 Gardening Hacks That Could Double, Triple & Even Quadruple Crop Yield


Gardening is a hobby for some people and a necessity for others. You have the option to grow a variety of plants in a garden to use as a source or food for you and your family or for any of your animals. If you have a garden on your property that's used to grow food to make money or for food, then … [Read more...]