Free Hot Water For Life: DIY Solar Thermal Water Heater


Creating your own hot water is a great way to save money on utility bills. One option to do this is to have solar thermal water heater set up for your home. This is something you can easily set up by using a few basic materials that you may already have on hand. The key to a solar thermal water … [Read more...]

Jelly Bean Bread Recipe


Does the sound of jelly bean bread sound interesting? This is a type of bread that has a lot of colors you will add when you are mixing the dough. You can easily make this bread to have as a fun food at Easter or for another special occasion. The key to making jelly bean bread is braiding the … [Read more...]

How To: Drying Herbs The Easy Way


Do you grow a variety of fresh herbs in containers or out in a garden? If you want to keep herbs stored for future use, then drying is required. This is something that can be done using various methods based on what you prefer. You may find drying herbs the easy way to be the best option. If you … [Read more...]

$50 One Week Meal Plan For A Family Of Four


Are you interested in starting a food budget and want to know how far your money will go? You have a variety of options available, based on what you want to spend. There is no need to go to high end stores for healthy foods. All you need is $50 for a one week meal plan for a family of four. The … [Read more...]

Got Rusty Tools? Try This Incredible Electrolytic Rust Removal Trick


Are you someone who liked to do fun science projects in school? If you are, then you may find that old rusty tools can be cleaned by using the power of electricity. A battery charger is the source of the power that is needed for the electrolytic rust removal process. You will be using a … [Read more...]

Guinea Fowl: Your Overlooked Backyard Buddy


Are you looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your homestead? You have many options based on the type of property you have to the animals you want. Chickens are great for eggs and meat, but a better option may be to add some guinea fowl. This is not an exotic species as there are many … [Read more...]

How To Build A Self-Sustaining Home


Are you interested in homesteading, but don't think you have enough property? Homesteading is just a term for finding ways to be self-sufficient, like growing your own food. A self-sustaining home will be a great way to save money by not having to stock up on food at the grocery store. One thing … [Read more...]

DIY Wheelbarrow Garden Trug


Do you enjoy gardening, but do not have a place for tools and other items when outdoors? A trug is the best option for anyone who wants something simple to use. However, a garden trug that you can buy at the store may not be adequate. A wheelbarrow garden trug may be a better choice. You can … [Read more...]

Easy Blueberry Pie Recipe


Fresh blueberries are a tasty fruit that can be used in a lot of recipes. However, frozen blueberries are a close second when fresh fruit is not available. If you want to do something fun with fresh blueberries if freezing is not preferred, then an easy blueberry pie is a great option. Making an … [Read more...]

10 Survival Uses For Glow Sticks


Do you remember playing with glow sticks when you were a kid? These are still fun for young kids to play with at night or in a dark room. However, they are also a great item to have on hand when there is an emergency or disaster. You simply need to know a few survival uses for glow sticks. One of … [Read more...]