41 Awesome Easy No-Sew DIY Clothing Hacks


This is the kind of post that will save you time and money. Knowing just a few of these clothing hacks can save the interview, the business meeting or just get the kids out the door on time. No need to break out the sewing kit, use these genius no-sew hacks to repair your clothes and get on with you … [Read more...]

10 Must Have Goat Medications


If your homesteading operation has proceeded to the goat level, here are some valuable medicine tips to keep your herd healthy. Even if it's just one goat, having these items on hand can really save the day. Goats get upset stomachs too so it's important to treat that and other ailments … [Read more...]

Build A DIY Workbench


If you don't have a workbench to use for this project…don't worry, you soon will! Here is a simple DIY workbench you can build inexpensively and quickly. Feel free to tweak the measurements so you can make it fit in any space you have. Get the plans at empressofdirt.net here… Build A DIY … [Read more...]

14 Awesome PVC Projects For The Home


PVC is a plastic pipe used a lot in plumbing. Available for free or cheap at all home improvement stores, PVC is totally versatile for tons of great crafts. From the artistic to the practical, you'll love the awesome ideas found here. Check out these great PVC ideas at … [Read more...]

How To Build An Adjustable Height Wood And Metal Stool


Here is a weekend project that will have very practical uses once you're done. Spin the seat down or up depending on what you need. Use it in the shop, the crafts room or just about anywhere. The materials are inexpensive and you can paint the finished product to give it a more polished look. See … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Survival Fishing Rod


Here is a good item to include in your survival kit. Made of the simplest materials, this inexpensive rod and reel can help you catch fish in an emergency situation. You'll start with good 'ol PVC pipe to craft this pole and it's compact size makes it easy to store until you really need it. See … [Read more...]

How To Roast Chestnuts


Chestnuts are perhaps one of the most seasonally celebrated nuts around. And roasting them to a delicate brown is a wonderful tradition passed down for centuries. But, there is a trick to it so they come out right and don't actually explode in the oven! Get the scoop on chestnut roasting at … [Read more...]

Planting Bulbs In The Fall For Perpetual Spring Color


Now is the time to be thinking how you want your Spring garden to look. Planting just the right bulbs in Fall will guarantee your garden bursts with color in the Spring. But, you want to be sure to pick the right bulbs to make sure the come back year after year. Get more information at … [Read more...]

How To Make A Double-Decker Drum Composter


Composting makes so much sense for the homesteader or the urban gardener. If you take composting seriously, you'll like this double duty, double decker drum composter for many reasons. Mounting the drums in the air makes them easy to load and unload as well as turn periodically. You can accomplish … [Read more...]