DIY Botanical Ice Luminaries


The winter season is a great time to create decorations for the holidays. Decorations that are made from ice can be kept outside whenever the temperature is below freezing. One of the more interesting and artistic options is to create a lantern or another type of ice luminary. The best thing about … [Read more...]

20 Ways To Save Money On Food


As you go through life and face various financial hardships, one of the first things you will try to do is save money on food. Early on in life this often involves subsisting on ramen noodles, cans of ravioli, and if you're lucky – several cans of chunky soup and maybe a few boxes of macaroni and … [Read more...]

25 Surprising Foods You Can Freeze


There are many foods that can be frozen to keep them preserved until they are needed. However, many people do not realize freezing is a great way to keep from throwing away food. This can be a big money saver when you make large quantities of foods you can freeze and keep as a supply for many days … [Read more...]

49 Brilliant Uses For Your Smartphone Camera


Many people with a smartphone that runs Android or iOS can have various apps installed. However, there are options found on a smartphone that are built-in that can be used for various applications. One of the most versatile options available to you is the smartphone camera. Many people may be … [Read more...]

How To Turn A Photo Into An Applique Fabric Pattern


There are many ways you can stitch your way to art that is easy to make. Embroidery is one way to sew beautiful pieces of timeless art that your children will keep for years to come. If you love doing hobby projects, sewing is a great way to express yourself. Applique is another way to express your … [Read more...]

Make Furniture From Upcycled Cardboard


Although the summer season is a popular time to purchase basic furniture, other seasons have a need for it, too. It's always important to keep all the options that are available for you in mind. For example, many people may choose to buy cheap furniture for outdoor use when they find it on sale. … [Read more...]

DIY Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey


There are many different ways to be creative in the modern world and one of those ways is with alcohol. Many individuals enjoy mixing drinks and making cocktails. However, how would you go about making and modifying your own liquor if you wished to add new flavors and spices into a bottle that you … [Read more...]

Improved Hugelkultur Raised Beds For Older Gardeners


If you are an avid gardener and homesteader, you may have heard of this method for constructing a garden bed with the use of available nitrogen and waste wood. It can serve to preserve nutrients while providing them to your plants for a good number of seasons. The process is called Hugelkultur and … [Read more...]

How To Build A Chicken Water Nipple System


It is an undisputed fact that water is essential for the survival of any living thing. In fact, it would be rightfully said it is even more important than food. For chickens, the situation is the same. Without enough water for your chickens you shouldn't expect a consistent supply of eggs. While … [Read more...]